jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

Various Artists - Slamseason 2 - 2008 - Split

Brutal Death Metal

01-Datura-Stench And Madness
02-Datura-Where The Fuck Are You From
03-Datura-Cap Of A Golden Cunt
04-Datura-Cause Of Death
05-Membro Genitali Befurcator-Ass Priest
06-Membro Genitali Befurcator-The House On Mountaine
07-Membro Genitali Befurcator-Brutal Flesh
09-Sepsis-Slayers Absolution
10-Sepsis-Collections Of Boody Parts
11-Sepsis-Precious Cremation
12-Surgeont-Zombie Holocaust
13-Surgeont-Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
14-Surgeont-Atomic Nuclear Desolation
15-Surgeont-Zombie Lake


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