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Malignant Tumour/Pulmonary Fibrosis - Grinding Party!!! - Split (2003)

Origen: Rep. Checa / Francia

Malignant Tumour:
1.Plastic Existence
2.Life In Solvent Abuse
3.Aallo Ala Lyo, Oolia Laikkyy
4.Peel The Cancer
5.Paska Sistema
6.Bastards Grind Machine
7.Becka (Compulsory Cut Cover)
8.Nazi Raus!
9.Build Bridges, Not Walls
10.MC Donaldization
11.My Enemy (Rot Cover)
12.Grind Core God

Pulmonary Fibrosis:
13.The Pus Pectoral Rigid Sector Drag You In Clots Blastomy Finnished
14.Through The Enflammed Exudation
15.Compres Of Pulmonary Parenchyma
16.Deformation & Calcification Of Valve
17.Facial Mastication Cadaveric Sub Tumours
18.Disordered Faeces Junction
19.Neuroblastoma Injected By Viral Oestogena
20.Facial Formaldehyde Anal Furuncles
21.Hacked The Human Flesh
22.Deranged Hypostemy Wristles Viral
23.Effects On Pathophysiological Haemophille
24.Acidical Dissolution Of Sexual Organ
25.Pancreatical Pseudocysts


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