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Cavalera Conspiracy - Sanctuary

Weno Aquí Les Dejamos Un Video De Esta Banda
De Los Hermanos Cavalera De Su Disco 2008 "Inflikted"
Poniendo En Claro Ke Nunka Se Debieron Separar

-=Download Here=-

Talagante From Hell

El Nuevo Amigo De Juanito Caga'o Pero Nunka Mea'o

viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part - 2008

Genero : Death Metal
Origen : USA
Info : Mp3, Vbr, 63 Mb

01. The Beginning of the End 03:41
02. Till Death Do Us Part 04:15
03. Hate of All Hatreds 03:53
04. In the Eyes of God 04:43
05. Worthless Misery 05:00
06. Severed Ties 04:02
07. Not as Long as We Both Shall Live 05:05
08. Angel of Agony 03:29
09. Horror in the Halls of Stone 06:24
10. The End of the Beginning 01:41


Pa' Los Ke Les Gusta Esta Banda
Ke Perdio El Norte Hace Rato... Cuec

Fuerzas Aereas Terrestres
De Talagante From Hell

Opeth - Watershed - 2008

Genero: Progressive Death Metal
mp3, Vbr, 75 Mb

1. Coil
2. Heir Apparent
3. The Lotus Eater
4. Burden
5. Porcelain Heart
6. Hessian Peel
7. Hex Omega

Descargalo Chevyto

Weno Pa' Variar Marcando La Diferencia

Lo Publicamos Antes Ke Tu Chevyto JAJAJAJAJA
Son Las 22:00 hrs del Viernes 25 de Abril
Pa' Ke Kachen pulento ke fuimos primeros
Este Jue Un Rajazo Navegando Mas Vola'os Ke LA XaXu

Fuerzas Aereas Terrestres
De Talagante From Hell


Chevito:Puta Me Cagaron Ayer Kede Sin Pc De Puro Gueon .... No
Importa Lo ke Importa Es Ke Esta Publikado y Antes Ke Otras Mierdas
De Blog.....
Vale Pulento....Saludos Al Nuevo Amigo De Juanito El Machetero
Jjajajaja Y Golden Dick Y Gigolo De TALAGANTE FROM HELL

Venomous Concept - Poisoned Apple - 2008

1.Drop Dead02:07
4.Water Cooler02:58
5.Punk Rock Idol01:32
6.Artist Friendly01:30
7.A Case of the Mondays02:37
8.Every Mothers Son01:54
9.Workers of the World01:39
10.Half Full02:56
11.Check Out03:26
12.White Devil01:53
Total playing time34:00

Download I
Otro Servidor

Vean El Line Up De Lujo::::

Shane Embury - Guitar(!!!) (Napalm Death, Lockup, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, S.O.B. (Jpn) (guest), Warhammer (UK), Meathook Seed, Azagthoth, Drop Dead, Blood from the Soul)

Danny Lilker - Bass (Nuclear Assault, The Ravenous, Crucifist, Overlord Exterminator, Brutal Truth, ex-Exit-13, ex-Harter Attack, ex-Hemlock (US), ex-Holy Moses, ex-Redrum (US), ex-Stormtroopers of Death, ex-White Heat (US), Extra Hot Sauce, Human Garbage, ex-Anthrax)

Kevin Sharp - Vocals (Brutal Truth, Damaged (Aus), S.O.B. (Jpn)

Danny Herrera - Drums (Napalm Death)

Buzz Osborne - Guitar (Melvins/Fantomas

Syphilic - Erotishock Therapy - 2007

1. Fuck Protest
2. Back Acne Buffet
3. Iceman
4. Mother-Daughter Bonding
5. Green Seed
6. BTK
7. Nursing Home Kneebash
8. Prog
9. Toilet Water Island
10. Siblings Tie the Knot
11. Urineat
12. Play Catch, You Lose


Vomit Remnants - Demos & Promos

Catatonia (Suffocation Cover)
My Blessed Sickness (Demo)
Rotted Human Waste (Demo1)
Disfigured Anal Torture
Rotted Human Waste (Demo2)
Vomiting Hideous Cadaver
Prodigy Of Solitude (live in tokyo 04-04-2004)
Sacramental Extinction Of Global Civilization
Sacrilegious Bifurucation Of The Prophets
Despairing Atmosphere
Extinction Of Worthless Humanity
Vomit Hideous Cadaver '05


Debodified - Utopia In The Eyes Of A Beast - 2003

Brutal Death/Grind

1.Reprieves For My Enemies05:47
2.Instinct For Malevolence04:20
3.Mass Extinction Agenda03:10
4.Emission Of Adrenaline03:33
5.Uncompromised Extinction02:59
6.Terminated With Prejudice03:17
7.Embludgeoned Between Crunches04:52
8.On This Killing Field05:34


Obscenity - Suffocated Truth - 1992

Death Metal

1. Forgotten Past 05:16
2. Utter Disgust 05:02
3. Depressions 01:48
4. Ruthless Greed 06:18
5. Fatal Curiosity 06:16
6. Life Beyond 05:41
7. Age of Brutality 04:22
8. Corrupted Minds 04:47
9. Infestical Plague 04:39

Total playing time 44:09


Moonspell - Night Eternal - 2008

1.At Tragic Heights

2.Night Eternal

3.Shadow Sun

4.Scorpion Flower

5.Moon in Mercury

6.Hers is the Twilight

7.Dreamer (Lucifer and Lilith)

8.Spring of Rage

9.First Light


Como siempreTALAGANTE FROM HELL primeros.
Aqui este el album 2008 de esta bandita,
muy buen disco , bajenlo y disfrutenlo.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Opeth - 2 Tracks Advance 2008



Pass: TFH

Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted - 2008




4.Black Ark



7.The Doom Of All Fires



10.Hearts of Darkness

11.Must Kill


Vuelven los hermanos Cavalera!!!!!
Entre Soulfly , Sepultura es esta banda .
Se agradece a mi amigo personal:
El won mas Rockero de todos los tiempos
Vendia dvd rockeros en el circo Romano,
El Higlander del metal nada menos que PIPO BOLSON...

Stickoxydal - Obstetrical Collection

Brutal Death Metal/Grind-Belarus

1.Introduction to the obstetrics

2.Craniotomy. Step 1: Transforation

3.Umbilical cord entanglement

4.Meconial asphyxia

5.Being born in convulsions think about eternal...

6.Hunt the cunt 1


8.Craniotomy. Step 2: Excerebration

9.Fear of the vaginal birth

10.Dr. Bile and his brief-case with tools

11.Sonata cis-moll for obstetrician making application of forceps Naegele

12.Bleeding Hole

13.Hunt the cunt 2

14.Ubi pus - ibi incisio, ubi pus - ibi evacua

15.Cutthroat game

16.My favorite embryotomy scissors

17.Craniotomy. Step 3: Cranioclasia


19.Hunt the cunt 3

20.Obstetrical Collection

21.Uterine flooding

22.Rectovaginal fistula or perineal rupture 3rd degree

23.Principles of operative obstetrics


25.Hunt the cunt 4

26.Delicate infant�s lungs

27.Pathologist's report

28.Like a CBT


Tourette Syndrom - Gabbergrind

Cyber Porn/GoreGrind-Germany

1. Mustard Mozart
2. Formaldehyde Feng Shui
3. Jerk Off Jesus
4. Sausage Loger Launcher
5. Mario Anna
6. Bizzare Ovine Gang Bang
7. Belzebuddah
8. Touretterdam Terror Corpse
9. Logorrhoe
10. Six Million Ways To Fly
11. Disgusting Corpse Dissection
12. Karma Calibration
13. Giggly Geriatric Gipsy Gigolo
14. Johannes Buckler
15. Tandra Tantrum Temporizer
16. Sengaja
17. Wo Gehts Lang Peter Punk?
18. Gupp
19. Adolfart


Toxic Cunt - Vaginal Colopathy

Cyber Porn/GoreGrind-USA

01. Intro 02:04
02. Virus 02:03
03. Mind Fucked 02:35
04. Untitled 01:56
05. Love Is Lost 01:58
06. Use Once And Destroy (Final) 01:49
07. Gore Fucked 01:10
08. Sodomized By Your Gay Uncle 00:28
09. I'd Like A Refund Or Expect Arson To Your Place Of Business (Magrudergrind Cover) 00:41
10. She Thaught I Care But I Just Liked Her Tits 01:50
11. Die In Your Own Feces 01:12
12. Burn In Hell 01:09
13. Fuck The World 01:00
14. Untitled 2 01:04


miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

Aborted - Discografia

Aborted - The necrotorus Chronicles
Aborted - The Splat Pack
Aborted - 1999 - Purity Of Perversion
Aborted - 2000 - Christ Denied Split
Aborted - 2001 - Engineering The Dead
Aborted - 2003 - Goremageddon (the Saw And The Carnage Done)
Aborted - 2004 - The Haematobic
Aborted - 2005 - The Archaic Abattoir
Aborted - 2006 - The Auricular Chronicles (Dvda)
Aborted - 2007 - Slaughter & Apparatus - a Methodical Overture

Discografia Full De Estos Brutal Death Metal De Belgica

Prion - Impressions - 2008


1. Clouding The Waters 05:18
2. Eliminate The Suffering 03:40
3. Mediocre Man 03:24
4. Simulate Hide 03:52
5. This Is How Argentina Bled 04:39
6. The Psalm 03:20
7. Impressions 03:53
8. The Numb Voice 05:12
9. Pressura 01:01


Por Si Alguna Vez Visitan El Blog Unos Socios Argentinos
Buena Onda KE Pasaron El Dia Lunes Y Me Regalaron Su Demo
Aki LEs Dejo Una Banda De Su Pais De Death Metal Para Ke La Tengan
Presente En Su Festival En Febrero

PD: El Viernes Esta Su Disco En TALAGANTE FROM HELL
Publicado .....

Mental Demise - Psycho-Penetration / Credo Quia Absurdum...?

Brutal Death

1.Embryo of the Morbid Thoughts03:57
2.Maniacal Progression02:26
3.Mechanism of the Defeat01:49
5.Individual Megalomania of Consciousness03:04
6.Resistance (On the Side)01:41
7.Messiah, Who Doesn't Takes the Deliverance02:36
8.Mass Suicidal Psychosis02:52
9.Metastasis of the Pathologic Mind04:52
10.Spiritual Atavism-Absurd04:07
11.Collective Obtrusive Neurosis03:43
12.Senseless Saint (Prophet-Mattoid)04:46


martes, 22 de abril de 2008

Gemisuadi - Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal - 2004


1.Mary Magdaline and the Three Apostles01:11
2.Pooped Pantes and Crapped Cunts01:00
3.Pus and Dick Party01:11
5.Take me to the Moon01:45
6.We Are00:48
7.Sucking Dick in Bethlehem01:27
8.Pussies, Dicks, and Clits01:23
9.You Care01:10
10.P town Concrete01:17
11.March 26,199601:35
12.Eat my dong00:36
13.2 guys sucking 1 cock00:36
14.Red wine and Clitties01:17
15.Chico Suave01:06
16.Hockey Sticks and Jocks01:43
17.Fuck it01:08
18.C.C. Deville and the Damsell in Distress00:35
20.Boubonic Chronic00:41
21.Cream and Sugar02:03
22.Crack is Whack01:37
23.Enjoy that Latte01:15
24.Dude come hit this00:34


Vx & Coprobaptised & Oneroid Blood Pressure - 3 Way Split

Brutal Death/Grind

1. VX - Abdominal Cramps (1:29)
2. VX - Trilon-83 (1:45)
3. VX - Va(CUM) Bomb (1:46)
4. VX - LSDepellin (1:43)
5. VX - VE-VG-VM (2:00)
6. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - Трутся лица об наждак (The Faces Are Rubbing Against The Emery) (0:54)
7. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - Драматургия...Летаргический сон (Dramatic Art...Lethargic Sleep) (0:36)
8. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - Los Weiter (0:41)
9. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - Всё не катится, всё уже прикатилось. К чёрту! (All Is Not Rolling, All Is Already Rolled. To Hell) (0:06)
10. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - Сквозь крюки тупые (Through The Blunt Hooks) (2:58)
11. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Starring Through The Ass And Blood (2:12)
12. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Anal Drilling (2:29)
13. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Before The Carrion (2:43)
14. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Адоподобие садоподобие (Sadomasochistic Hellfuck) (2:14)
15. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Фобия глистных инвазий (Phobia Of The Hookworms Contamination) (1:56)
16. Oneroid Blood Pressure - Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command (Cock And Ball Torture cover) (1:39)


VA - Groove Of Death - Split - 2008

Brutal Death
USA - Thailand - USA

01. Bile Nephrosis - In Devotion To Ancient Rituals Of Brutal Sacrificial Rape
02. Bile Nephrosis - Dershowitz Grinder
03. Bile Nephrosis - Fuck The Welfare State
04. Bile Nephrosis - Boy Raper
05. Bile Nephrosis - Continmouth
06. Bile Nephrosis - Repeatophile (I Can't Stop)
07. Dash The Brain Out - Intro
08. Dash The Brain Out - Cyberic Murder Decapitation
09. Dash The Brain Out - Cyberatic Viral
10. Dash The Brain Out - Ruthless
11. Dash The Brain Out - Blood Of Her Vaginal
12. Dash The Brain Out - Grind De Killer
13. Dash The Brain Out - Untra Sound Exsamination
14. Corpse Dismemberment - Stench Of Death
15. Corpse Dismemberment - Shredded Corpse
16. Corpse Dismemberment - Coprophagia
17. Corpse Dismemberment - Butcher And Dismember
18. Corpse Dismemberment - A Vile Disgust


Ancient Existence - Death Fucking Metal - 2008

1. Cyclone
2. With every human sin
3. My warpath
4. The sun falls asleep forever
5. Death from inside
6. Hymn for the doomed
7. The soul is the prey
8. Revenge through fire
9. Slowly beaten to death
10. Life fluid addiction
11. The end...


Septory - World War Chaos - 2008

Brutal Death



3.Hate the crusifix

4.The last days of human nation

5.Rotting humanity


7.Gods of duality

8.Septorial memories

9.Crescendo of evil soul


Incluye Ep 2006 "Rotting Humanity"

Impiety (Sgp) - Asateerul Awaleen - 1996


1. Intromancy-Dzuul Ar'Shil Jaheem 01:59
2. Anal Madonna 06:36
3. Divine Hutamahan Frostfuck 06:53
4. Hymnvocation Of Nazarethian Nunwhores 07:19
5. Magick-Consecration Goatsodomy 05:33
6. Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration 03:30
7. Bismishyaithan 06:16
8. Blasphemyth... The Seventh Goatspawn 01:43

Total playing time 39:49


lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

Hollenthon - Opus Magnum - 2008

1.Ars Moriendi05:33
2....Of Splendid Worlds06:08
3.Once We Were Kings04:50
4.To Fabled Lands05:53
5.Dying Embers05:28
6.Misterium Babel08:31
7.On the Wings of a Dove05:00
8.Son of Perdition04:52


Desde El Ultimo Disco Ke Escuche With Vilest of Worms To Dwell Del 2001
Pasaron 7 Años Para Ke Estos Maestros Del Symphonic/Orchestral/Folk/Melodic Death Metal
Volovieran Y KOmo Vuelven Un Excelente Disko Kisas No Mejor Ke Los Otros 2 Pero
Sin Dudad Un Gran Disco La Espera Valio La Pena.........

Siempre Primeros