jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Defeated Sanity - Live At Nizhniy Novgorod 5th April - Concert - 2009

Technical Brutal Death Metal

*Audio: mpeg audio@128kbps
*Video: mpeg2@8301kbps
*Resolution: 1024x576
*Size: 227MB

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Death Grind

*Audio: mp3@224kbps
*Video: mpeg1@1450kbps
*Resolution: 720x576
*Size: 78MB


Excelente Video De Una De Mis Bandas Favoritas.....Ojala Alguna Vez Los Veamos En Vivo...

In Articulo Mortis - The Day After The Darkest Day - 2009

Republika Cheka
Brutal Death Metal

1. Intro
2. Uranium Mine Concentration Camps
3. Spiritual Crippless
4. The Day After The Darkest Day
5. Kinder Des Todes
6. Soulbell
7. Unclefucker
8. Psychopatnik Exekutor


Band Info:Myspace

Engorriment - New Promo - Promo - 2010

Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore

1.Fecal Regurgitation
2.Ejaculating In Opened Wound


Estas Bandas Españolas Son Terribles Destructoras Asi Ke A Bajar A Bajar.....

Stabbing Eden - Chaos Is Cute, Bloodshed Is Sexy - 2009


01 Dream Haunter
02 Robbing A Bank And Getting Away With It
03 Ill Kick Your A_S If You Look At Me Through The Rearview Mirror Like That Again
04 Geraldine
05 Retarded Child Period Porn
06 We Killed Our Girlfriends With A Chainsaw
07 Beckman
08 Reset Of The Deceased
09 The Resignation
10 The First Song On The Album


30 Minutos De Un Buen Grindcore...

Slaughtered Remains - Hog Bitch Massacre - 2009

Brutal Death/Grind

1.Finger Lickin' Good 1:49
2.Shredded With a Razor Edge Dime 1:18
3.Brain Stain 1:04
4.Saw Happy 1:12
5.In The Heat Of The Slaughter 1:53
6.Fucking Blood On My New Shoes 0:46
7.My Yummy Valentine 2:17
8.Uh Oh Fred Is Dead 1:36
9.Greetins and Welcome To The Show 0:13
10.Dead Hog Bitch 1:26
11.Murder Happy Party People 1:38
12.Pitter Patter People Splatter 2:35
13.Happy Slaughter Sing Along Time 0:39
14.Hope Your Enjoying The Show 0:46


Wuaaa Tremenda Banda Destroza Craneos......

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Terrordrome - Vehement Convulsion - 2008

Brutal Death Metal

1. 2000 Volts Fat Burning
2. Exposed To Life's Integration
3. Disputing The Throne
4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
5. Eradicate The Indigence
6. No Oral Hesitations
7. Infected Fornication (Inception Of Carnal Enslavement)
8. Privileges Of Smile
9. Revile The Vagary
10. Inhibit The Discord
11. Festivitity Of Clitoris Licking

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Cordectomy - Demo - 2009

Brutal Slam Death Metal

1.) Flesh Chunk Engorgement
2.) Reingestion of Indigestion
3.) Incruciate
4.) Deflowerment
5.) Embedded in Shit
6.) Vomiting Organs
7.) Pulpified Pulsating Pile Engorgement
8.) Beaten Beyond Recognition
9.) Vaginal Carnivore
10.) Cranial Species Dispersed
11.) Our Species, Defiled

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Distorted Impalement - Straight In Your Face - 2009

Brutal Death Metal

1.Austrias Finest In Brutality04:45
2.Japanese Slutfest04:38
3.Suck : Fuck04:25
4.Straight In Your Face03:30
5.Just A Fucking Bitch05:48
6.Shemale Nosebreaker05:28
7.Nailing Wet Cunts04:07
8....To The End03:41