miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Flesh Consumed - Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering - 2010

Technical death Metal

1.Devoid of Skin04:47
2.Imprisoned Between Dimensions03:23
3.Drug-Induced Psychosis02:22
4.Caverns of the Disembodied03:44
5.Forever Chained (Interlude)01:18
6.Chamber of Torture02:23
7.Beneath the Pendulum03:05
8.Valleys of Rust (Interlude)02:07
9.Immortality Through Infinite Consciousness04:00
10.Doomed (Interlude)01:48
11.Interspecific Coalesce02:52
12.Succumbed to Dementia03:21
13.Staring Into the Abyss (Outro)11:25