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Vulvathrone - Toilet Slut - Video

Brutal Death/Death Grind


Aki Les Dejo el Video Favorito De Fido Keso Es Una Obra De Arte......TALAGANTE FROM HELL

Meat Shits - Ep's - Split's - Demos

Meat Shits - Demo's - 1990 (Pt.5)


Bowel-Rot Part Two
A Fuck-Up
The American Nightmare
March Of The Crotch Crabs
Flaming Asshole Of Death
Piss Flap Mutilation
Muff Pus
Vaseline Sandwich
Downer Coma
Punk Fuck
Glue Fiend
Wired To Kill
Mental Explosion
Fuck Bag
Genital Explosion
Snort And Fuck
Vaginal Excretion
Sex Change Horror
Recended Testicles
Feces Frenzy
Axel Needs Grease
Orgasmic Rush
Masterbation Obsession
Macabre Innards
Green Dick Discharge
Fuck Me Raw
Nose Bleed
Solid Waste
Meat Shits Fuck
Snort Mud
Penis Envy
Butt Lust
Tone Loc Runs
Sell Crack At Roller King
Festering Bacterial Jaundus
Modesto Death Sentence
Fuck Charity
Rectum Remorse
Pregnancy Statistic
Crock Of Christians
Masterbation Malpractice
Abnormal Bleeding
Growing Penis Pains
Foreskin Fetish
Mind Over Bladder
Twist Of Shit
Fuck The Neighbors, Fuck The Cops
Chemical Cadavers
Time Flies (When You Are On Drugs)
Rotting Fuckhole Of Death
Die For Robert
Bent Over The Couch
Victim Of Conformity
Bowel-Rot Part Three
Pecker Pus
Infected Jism
Lick A Toad
Stretch Marks
Inverted Penis
Bon Jovi Hair-Do
Snorten Downey Jr.
The Ultimate Position
Prostrate Bloodbath
Gouged Groin
Decayed Face
Gac On My Wad
Massive Coronary
Plugged Toilets
Soiled Condom
Charles Manson Wannabe
Laugh And Leave
Pass The Rush Bottle
Ball Boxing
Anal Phlegm
Ripped To Shreds
Blow Shits
Live To Fuck
Vital Fluid
Halidol Mindfuck
Undigested Red Meat
Haunted By A Bitch
Food Intoxification
Kill Slash
Smell Of Pussy
Eyesocket Intercourse
Bone Orchards
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Cock Bubble
Sarcoptic Mange
Cop Magnet
Dildo Death
Pubic Floss
Anal Enjoyment
Carbonized Corpse
Keystone Shits
Toe-Jam Breath
Titty Hard-On
Ex-Lax Pudding
Smell Of Death
Bubbeling Pus
Skid Row Nausea
Ascending Colon
Fucking Blind
Meat Orgy
Butt-Barium Blues
Anthrax Apathy
Sexless Idiot
Blistered Cunt
Bloated Testicles
Ecstasy Is For Me
Loose Testicle
Camel Toe Cunt
Demented Lust
Chainsaw Mutilation
Muff Slave
Constipated Bowel Movement
Motley Crue Must Fucking Die
Lick The Peanuts Out Of My Shit
Party With The Meat Shits
Megadeth Sucks (But Everyone's Buying)
When Tom Farts (People Leave)
Sleazy Tramp With Jism In Her Hair
Orgasmic Cadaver
Angry Christian Dope Fiends
Smells Like Tuna...
Revenge Of The Tequila Worm
Intestinal Corrosion
More Bad Acid
Pull The Plug (On The Meat Shits)
Tortured Cock
Gilman Street Facists
Meathead Mosh Dudes
Killing For Sport And Fun
No More Cruising In Modesto
Black Plague Of Slow Death
No Dick For Brains
South Africa
L.S.D. Fucking Rules
Cunt Ripped Apart
Lick Your Ass And A Promise
Married With A.I.D.S.
Buy Some Crack
Hope Is Dope
Die, Die, Die...
No Deals
Modesto Is Dry
Street Death
Lying To Death
Church And Shit
Puberty Ritual (Masterbation)
Enola Gay
Straight-Edge Is A Fashion
Fetal Excrement
Fuck You Colette
Fuck The Neighbors (Dance Version)
Fuck You Granny
Naked Chicks And Crack
Yosemite Scam
Consumed By Modesto
Smoke More Dope
To Live Is To Fucking Die
Fucking Network
I Need More Drugs
Struggle For Sex
Consume To Fuck
I Love Crack
Head Up Your Fucking Ass
Eat My Shit And Fuck Off
Semen Lust
Sexual Side-Effect
Barfly Disease
City Of Death
High On Pussy Fumes
People Screaming
Lust For Death
Resin Bong-Hit
Toad Licking Ecstasy
Endless Sexual Acts
It Will Never Be The Same
Listen To Me (Dickhead)
Extreme Anal Excitement
Flawless Fuck
Slut Whore Pig
Fuck Control
Ball Crusher
Fall In (But Come Out Smiling)
Short (But A Good Fuck)
Pussy Addiction
Stupid Fucked Up Blonde Cunt
Sexual Greed
Insane Anal Obsession
Shitting Glass
Asshole Massacre
Exist For Nothing
Anal Log
Millions Die For Sex
Teenage Butt-Fucking
Are You Finished Yet
Dickhead Must Fucking Die
Anal Scam
Natural Fiber Overdose
Grotesque Penis Mutation
Too Fucked To Fuck
Confrontations Of Anus
Tell Me
More Fucking
Ice Slut
Pussy Is Fucking Loose
Fucking Insane And Twisted
Sex In Society
Artificial Head-Job
Intense Cunt Lust
No Indication Of Life
Bitch (Die)
Bush Lush
Die You Fucking Bitch
Regurgitated Semen Part Two
Festering Ball Cheese
The Pill
Killing (Fucking)
Bathroom Disease
Vaginal Dip
Meat Shit
Cock Of Terror
What A Fucking Pig
Twat Thing
Bring The Muff Down
Given The Shaft
Woman To Fuck
Shitty Head
Industrial Butt Fuck
Lubricated By My Semen
Two Faced Cunt
Anal Ache
Fuck Straight-Edge
Sell Crack To Children
Legs In The Air
This Is The Real World
Fuck Propaganda
Still More Beer
Modesto Fucking Sucks
Typical Modesto Cunt (Dance Version)
Ben-Wa Balls The Size Of My Fist
If You Love Me (Then Swallow My Cum)
No Respect For Me
We Suck (Bad)
Stockton Crack Dealer
Vaginal Vengeance
Underage Anal Sex
Meet The Real Fucking Shits
Leave Me Be Bitch
Ruptured Sphincter
Sexual Rip
Excessive Semen Discharge
Art Fuck
Old Fuckbag
Tit-Sex Ejaculation
Shitting Bricks
Revenge Of The Blue Balls
Prostrate Enlargement
Fuck The Neighbors, Fuck The Cops
Eat Pizza And Fuck On The Floor
Regurgitated Semen (Reprise)
Storm Of Stress
Eat My Fuck
Warmonger (Asshole)
New Fuck
Orgy Of Death
Need To Die
Double Penetration
Condemned Existence
Fist Fucker
Day Of Doom
Death Semen
Flame Thrower Shits
Dreams Are Gone
Fuck Client
See The Shit
Blow-Job Addict
Virgin Cock Tease
I Need Crack
Forget To Fuck
Sex Requires Effort
Flesh Crumbles
Terrorized By A Cunt
The Ice Man
Sexually Abused
Life Is Expendable
Sex, Drugs And The Meat Shits Part Two
Stoplight Headjob (Cunt Version)
Head For Beer Money
Take Out Your Dentures And Give Me Head
Cocaine (Again)
Outro (Poop-Shute)

Download I
Download II
Download III

Meat Shits - Split's - 1994/1995 (Pt.4)


Meat Shits&Catatonic Existence - Rape-Bait&Hopes And Dreams? - MS Side Split - 1994
A1 Meat Shits Mind Control
A2 Meat Shits Lucky Stiff
A3 Meat Shits Waterworks
A4 Meat Shits Sushi Girl
A5 Meat Shits Potty Pals
A6 Meat Shits Hypocrite Shit
A7 Meat Shits Another Orgasm
A8 Meat Shits Fighting Words
A9 Meat Shits Fucked From Behind
A10 Meat Shits Concentration Of Hate
A11 Meat Shits Back To The Seventies
A12 Meat Shits Backfired
A13 Meat Shits Eve Of Your Death
A14 Meat Shits Hate Dance
B Catatonic Existence M.W.D. (Mafia - Hit - Mix)
Meat Shits & Dead - Sewer In My Mind! - Split - 1995
A1 Meat Shits Homosexual Slaughter (Demon Wind Re-Mix)
A2 Meat Shits Barbaric Bitch Beater (Scissors Re-Mix)
A3 Meat Shits Homosexist (M.R.R.)
A4 Meat Shits Another Brutal Fucked Up Song
A5 Meat Shits Floats On The Water (Shit)
A6 Meat Shits Perversion Spree
A7 Meat Shits San Francisco Gay Massacre
A8 Meat Shits Bursting Fluids (On Her Face)
A9 Meat Shits Faggot (Freak)
A10 Meat Shits Outro (I Hate Their Kind)
B1 Dead Recognize: Spread Your Legs...
B2 Dead Rectal Punishment
B3 Dead Receive My Golden Shower
B4 Dead Highest Power


Meat Shits - EP's - 1990/1993 (Pt.1)


01 moan of orgasm
02 make me cum
03 hugs and drugs
04 midnight snack
05 bizarre fetish
06 fingered - working girl
07 mutated testicle - fear of sex
08 torn hymen - cold cunt
09 anal worship - half eaten pussy
10 bought the farm
11 skid row graduate - stagnant pussy fumes
12 blood in your stools - slap happy pappy
13 human extinction
14 am I shit - alcoholic aphrodisiac
15 hypersexual nymphomaniac
16 stinking in the earth
17 sexual death sentence
18 latex euphoria - dis-pleasure
19 spray of secretion
20 vaginal well
21 sexual wasteland - erotic oblivion
22 talk dirty to me
23 introduction to anal sex
Meat Shits - Homosexual Slaughter [EP] - 1993
01 intro - homosexual slaughter
02 bimbo... is a compliment
03 revenge fuck
04 revenge fuck (again)
05 fucked-up part one
06 your tax dollars at work
07 sodomitical lust
08 in pain
09 extinction in excrement
10 loser-fuck
11 a moment of torture
12 fucking cunt
13 outro


Meat Shits - EP's - 1990/1993 (Pt.2)


"Intro (fuck in the ass)"
"Bowel rot"
"Pecker pus"
"Infected jism"
"Lick a toad"
"Stretch marks"
"Inverted penis"
"Bon jovi hair-do"
"Shorten Downey jr."
"Tip of the iceberg"
"Prostate bloodbath"
"Gouged groin"
"Decayed face"
"Gag on my semen"
"Massive coronary"
"Flugged toilets"
"Soiled condom"
"Charles Manson wannabe"
"Laugh and leave"
"Pass the rush"
"Ball boxing"
"Anal phlegm"
"Take it up the ass"
"Ripped to shreds"
"Blow shits"
"Live to fuck"
"Vital fluid"
"Halidol mindfuck"
"Undigested red meat"
"Haunted by a bitch"
"Food poisoning"
"Kill slash"
"Smell of pussy"
"Eyesocket intercourse"
"Bone orchards"
"Toxic shock syndrome"
"Cock bubble"
"Steve O'Bannon's head"
"Cop magnet"
"Dildo death"
"Pubic floss"
"Anal enjoyment"
"Carbonized corpse"
"Keystone shits"
"Toe-jam breath"
"Titty hard-on"
"Ex-lax pudding"
"Smell of death"
"Bubbeling pus"
"Skid row nausea"
"Ascending colon"
"Fucking blind"
"Meat orgy"
"Butt-barium blues"
"Anthrax apathy"
"Sexless idiot"
"Blistered cunt"
"Bloated testicles"
"Ecstasy is for me"
"The ultimate position"
"Camel toe cunt"
"Demented lust"
"Chainsaw mutilation"
"Muff slave"
"Constipated bowel movement"
"Motley crue must fucking die"
"Lick the peanuts out of my shit"
"Party with the meat shits"
"Megadeth sucks (but every one's buying)"
"When Tom farts (people leave)"
"Sleazy tramp with jism in her hair"
"Orgasmic cadaver"
"Angry christian dope fiends"
"Smells like tuna... tastes like fish"
"Revenge of the tequilla worm"
"Intestinal corrosion"
"Crisis in the gulf"
"Nuts inside your stomach"
"S.D.R. (die)"
"Crusty cunt"
"Outro (double whammy)"
Meat Shits - Take This&Eat It [EP] - 1993
1. Intro
2. Sexual Abuse
3. Hatred Speaks
4. Fucked-Up Part Two
5. Boredom Plan
6. Mental Skip
7. Incubator Of Death
8. I Spy (Masterbation)
9. You Should Have Fucked Me
10. Pink In Your Face
11. Stay Hard And Fuck
12. Day Old Farts
13. Mr. Stinky
14. Go Fuck Yourself
15. Anal Rampage
16. Vacuum Cunt
17. Piece Of Fuck
18. Barbaric Bitch Beater
19. Emotion Sickness
20. Death On All Fours
21. Fucked-Up Part Three
22. Outro


Meat Shits - EP's - 1990/1993 (Pt.3)


Intro (M.V.W.F.P.F.H.P.B.A.D.M.M.F.)
The Birds Will Always Shit On Our ?????
External Infection Of The Vulva
Drink Blood From Her Rotting Cunt
Menstrual Block
Slap Your Mother-Bitch
The War Is Back
Consuming Fecal Fetus
Digestion Of Piss-Flaps
Ten Thousand Dead Homosexuals
Intense Manslaughter
Fashion And Sex
Speed Fucker
Phlegm Lubricant
Shit Twitch
Oriental Anal Tongue
Back To Japan
You Don't Exist
Evil Lives In Her Cunt
Locked-Up Soon To Die
Cough Up A Menstrual Hairball
Cunt Shocker
Decent Anal Proposal
In The Arena Of Shit
White Zombie Get A Life
Modesto Horror Return
The Ultimate Pussy
MTV Dance Faggot Death
Always You Say No-Bitch
Open The Back Door
Return Of The Dildo
Forwards Masking
Another Silly Trend
Fart Knocking Fudge Packer
Falling Down... Can't Get Up!
Feel My Pain You Fucking Whore
Your Modesto Ignorance... Shows
Butt-Fucked By Society
Another Cheap Imitation
Strep Throat Blow-Job
Lord Of Menstrual Cunnilingus
Metallica Doesn't Matter
Step In Shit
The Secret Is Not Safe
Blackmail Pussy
Fucked With The Big Toe
Dirty Smelly Pussy
Talking To Me, More Of Your Shit
Planet Of The Scum
Safe Sex Is No Fun...
But Neither Is AIDS Asshole!
Load Another Bowl Of Crack
Holiday Fuck
More Anal Taboo
Septic Worm
New Rave
The Enema
Breasts Are Small, Pussy Is Tight
Oriental Girls In Bondage
First Time Anal Encounter
Death Seekers
Rumor Orgy
Slave Shock
Angel Anus
Virgin Stump
What A Tramp
Victim Of Intense Rape
The Enema Returns
Vaginal Joyride
Sweat Swap
The Search... For Oriental Pussy
The Younger Generation Of Cunts
Temptation Fantasies
Ten Little Whores
The Tease (Must Die)
Ruthless Vagina
Pink Lagoon
Bimbo Bowel Movement
Backdoor To Oriental Anal-Sex
Midnight Erection
White Cunt, Die Slut
Don't Bitch At Me
The Fuck Is On
Sex Stimulators
Fuck This All
In The Depths Of Excrement
The Infernal Cunt
Shine On Your Crazy Vagina
Vicious Erection
I Want My Shirts, Charlie
Blinded By Your Own Lies
Puke Cheese
Your Pussy Still Fucking Stinks
Oriental Butt Plug
Foul Stench Of Tuna
Smells Like Shit-Bitch
Laced For Homosexual Death
Blood Rope
Shit This
Bowel Bottom
The Smell Of Fresh Cut Farts
Heat Your Hole
Study The Stools
Cup Of Vaginal Secretions
Experts Of Excremental Suicide
It's Too Hard... Too Bad Bitch!!
Cancer Risk
Take A Fuck
Vengeance Is Virgin
Septic Sweat
Don't Talk With My Dick In Your Mouth-Slut!!
Prevent Disease
Free Shit
Vaginal Honey
Return Of Jim Jones
Vaginal Disaster Area
Fertile Fuck
Eat, Drink And Sleep Pussy
Back From The Dead To Give Me Head-Cunt!!
69 Degree
Wetter Than Normal
Modes To Homosexual Death Squad
Born Baby Burn!
By Die!
Night Of The Living Erection
Arco Horseshit
Take You Home Bitch, First You Die!
Kill Your Parents
Arena Of Coprophilia
Take Me To Your Leader
Kill The Gyro Bitch
You Know Nothing... Bitch
Kissing (Fucking) Cousins
Sex Pressure
Pregnant Slut
Bring The K-Y To Bed... Slut
Another Fucked-Up Phone Bill
Hey Lyle... I Had Julia First
Get Up Early
On The Inside... Looking Outside
The Stupid Fag-Lovers
Take It Back
Eliminator Of The Cunts
Health Care Horseshit
The Shit... Continues
Liberal Fag Slaughter
Not Impressed
Retired Fuckface
Unlimited Resources
Tourist In Florida
Another Viction Of Bullshit
The Rate Of Violence
Old And Beautiful
Duel Vaginas
Vaginal Terrorism
Straight To Cunt
Peace Through Profit
Can't Think From Modesto
Start To Shit
Hot Pants
Back In The Game
I Still Want To Fuck Connie Chung
This Song
That Song
Fuck You Granny
Short Song Again
Blessed With Stamina
Fucked Up Modesto Drivers
Frectate Fumes
Outro Of Pure Shit


Unas De Las Bandas Precursoras Del PornGrind,
El Que Sabe Sabe y El Que No Sabe Es Pollo... o No!!!!

Clearwater Deathblow - Parasite Cleansing - 2008

1. Broken Glass 1:11
2. Reduced to Juice 1:22
3. Minefield 1:19
4. Stranger Than Friction 1:18
5. Mucus 1:34
6. Fragile Heart 0:57
7. The 11th Commandment 1:30
8. Braincells Ashtray 1:53
9. Piss on Blood 1:30
10. Fluid 1:44
11. Wrraaaaahhhh!!! 1:11
12. Grind Fucking Song 1:19
13. Saddamized 0:59
14. The Wound 0:47
15. Long-Term Special Effects 1:21
16. Pharmacophobia Phenomenon 0:57
17. Slash 0:50
18. It Seems 1:39
19. Initiation to Human Stupidity 0:20
20. Devil Behind the Wheel 2:07
21. Elementary 0:47
22. Cold 1:33
23. Narco-Empire 1:20
24. Political Atheist 1:20
25. Dead Routine 0:47
26. Thirteen 1:37
27. Doggy Bag 0:58
28. Collective Heritage 1:30
29. Worldwide Socio-Lies 1:18
30. Hypocritical Masquerade 2:14


39 Minutos De Grindcore Death Metal Desde Canada.
Y El Disco De Eternal Lo Cambie Por El De PANZERCHRIST,
No fUe Mal Cambio ... o No???

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Eternal Solstice - Demonic Fertilizer - 1997

Death Metal

2.Deep Sleep
3.Melancholic ´97
4.Rebirth In Ice
6.In The Year 2525
7.Demonic Fertilizer II
8.Thrall To The Gallows
9.Turn Of The Century


Bueno Con Esto Termino De Postera La Discografia De Esta Excelente Banda,Solo Bajenlo Y Disfruten De Un Excelente Old School Death Metal....TALAGANTE FROM HELL

Eternal Solstice - The Wish Is Father To The Thought - 1994

Death Metal

1. God In The Flesh 04:05
2. Torn Apart 02:26
3. Chamber Of The Morpheus 05:15
4. Act Of Settlement 02:59
5. Blasphemous Sermons 03:27
6. Dragged Down To Rot 04:29
7. Sleep Of Death 03:39
8. Demonic Fertilizer 02:46
9. Wrapped In Darkness 04:26
10. Outbreak Of Evil (Sodom cover) 12:21


Eternal Solstice - Horrible Within - 1995

Death Metal

Unholy Trinity D.V.
Culpable Homicide
The Ceremony Has Begun
Mask The Face of Death
One Last Vision (Prepare!)
By Your Command
Eager For Death
A Wish Beyond
Worn With Age


Un Clasico Del Death Metal....TALAGANTE FROM HELL

Eternal Solstice & Mourning - At The Dawn Of... 1992 - Split

Old School Death Metal/Old School Death Metal

1 Eternal Solstice - Thrall to the Gallows 05:04
2 Eternal Solstice - Path to Perdition 05:01
3 Eternal Solstice - Obscuration 03:06
4 Eternal Solstice - Melancholic Characters 05:37
5 Mourning - Free Evil 02:46
6 Mourning - Abundance 01:54
7 Mourning - Necrodrama 02:10
8 Mourning - You're Sold 05:58
9 Mourning - The Mourning After 05:22


Aaaaahhhhhgg Ke Agrado Volver A Saber De Esta Banda Eternal Solstice,Banda Ikono De Los 90,Salamente He Visto Un Solo Disco Original De Esta Banda Lo Tenia Mi Compadre Fido Keso Kisas Ke Miera Iso Con El Plop,Bueno Bajen Esta Joya Del Death Metal NoSe Arrepentiran

Meat Shits - Genital Infection - 1991 - Demo

Porno GoreGrind

01 - Life Is Over 06:14
02 - Side B (56 Trax) 06:46


Sin Comentarios,Solo Algo Ke No Puedes Dejar Pasar..TALAGANTE FROM HELL

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Venomous Concept - Double Door, Chicago IL, 02.13.2004 - Bootleg - 2004

Grindcore/Hardcore/Death Metal

01. Venomous Concept - Weirdo |3:03|
02. Venomous Concept - Oink! |1:18|
03. Venomous Concept - Smash! |3:19|
04. Venomous Concept - Rhetoric |2:33|
05. Venomous Concept - Infest |1:05|
06. Venomous Concept - I've Said It Before |1:56|
07. Venomous Concept - Hard On |2:20|
08. Venomous Concept - Life's Fine |2:35|
09. Venomous Concept - Idiot |2:33|
11. Venomous Concept - Anti Social |1:36|
12. Venomous Concept - Run Around |1:54|
13. Venomous Concept - Monkey See Monkey Beat |1:28|
14. Venomous Concept - Total Recall |2:25|
15. Venomous Concept - Freakbird |2:15|
16. Venomous Concept - Braincrush |3:00|

Download Mirror Download

Necropsy - Rural Conditions - 2005 - Demo

Brutal Death Metal

1. Au Pre
2. Mythomanie
3. Le Carosse
4. Pathetic Mystic
5. Vachelor


Complete Failure - Perversions Of Guilt - 2008


Bipolar Fatigue Hallucination
Six Pack Holydaze on a First Grader Hangover
Columbine Like Christ Maneuver
Head Ovarian Acher
Gross Negligence
Cured Through Constant Degradent Criticism
Perversions of Guilt
Described as the Regret to Inform
First Husband Second Wife Third Stepson
Ode to My Lies and Manipulation
A Disinviting Self Restraint


Keitzer - As The World Burns - 2008


As the world burns
Kharkhadan of nuclear winter
Doom shall rise
Mode. 3452
Ordinary madness
Throw the bolt
This life
No justice no peace


Blastmasters - Twisted Metal - 2008


Catastrophic System Failure
Shellfire and Tombstones
We the Treacherous
Altricial Meta-Genesis
Implemented Digital Control
The Beheadings
Putrid Future
La Fin De Monde
Shockwave Undertow
Twisted Metal


miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Infected Brain II - 2008

1. Krank
2. Die Bestie
3. Rotten Flesh For Hunger
4. Seeds Of Hate
5. Torture Chamber
6. Todesengel
7. Bloodbath
8. Reborn
9. Zeit Zu Sterben
10. Undead
11. Prophezeiung (tomb_cover)
12. Extrem Pervers (re-recorded)


Exelente Banda De Brutal Death Metal Alemana.

Carnal Diafragma - Preparation Of The Daddys Steak - 2008

1. Ventilace Ritniho Otvoru
2. Scabies
3. Deformation Of Anal Vice Penis And Vulva
4. Pulverized Testicle
5. Carrie Go Home
6. A Examination By Rectoscope
7. Esmeralda
8. Fist Fucking
9. Misfortune In Love
10. I Feel Sick Of Skinheads
11. Bakteriocidni Chemoterapeutikum Sirokeho Spektra
12. Gorgeous Diphteria
13. Zapusteni Kompresorove Hadice Do Aortalni Trubice
14. 3 Litres Of Sperm
15. Repulsion
16. Nichtene Urezani Penisu Rezovou Pilkou Na
17. Vomited Shits
18. Stench Vaginalis
19. Bloody Issue Of Sperm
20. Satiated Necrophiliac
21. Mastne Vystriky Dunajske Klobasy V Mikrovlne Troube Pri Vysoke Teplote
22. Consequence (GUT Cover)
23. In Vitro Fertilization
24. Nepochopitelne Vysrani Mlynku Na Kavu
25. Deranged Menarche Injection (Regurgitate Cover)
26. V Hlubinach Neuronu
27. Kentus V Blekotovem Mozku
28. Ucpane Dutiny Krcni Listim Nosni Chrastim
29. HC Hovnocuc
30. Dokonale Oplodnena Jablon
31. V Nouzi Je Dobra I Okorale Vysusena Kurka Chleba
32. Now Or Never
33. Daddys Steak
34. Pourazove Ochrnuti Zvedace Horniho Vicka
35. Vzpoura Psychopatickych Pacientu
36. Hruskovy Zavin Pozujici V Zazivacim Traktu


Esta Brutal Banda Checa No Nesecita Mayor Presentación,
Un Brutal Grincore Mezclado Kon Goregrind.
A Disfrutar De Este Buen Album.

Intestinal Alien Reflux - Exogenocide - 2008

1. Exotic Fecal Slaughter
2. Her Ass I Did Blast
3. Seedlings
4. Human Cattle
5. Galgamak Vagina
6. Severe Beating Of A Homo Homosapien
7. Beaten Into Oblivion
8. Unholy Creation
9. Anal Abduction
10. Dead Slut Fuckfest
11. Rotting Placinta
12. Q-Tip In My Peehole
13. Internal Decapitation
14. Hematemisis
15. Blood Semen Orgasm
16. Blood Semen Orgasm (Demo Version)
17. Human Cattle (Demo Version)
18. Probed With A Cause (Demo Version)
19. Anal Abduction (Demo Version)
20. Family Spatter (Demo Version)
21. Seedlings (Demo Version)


Death Metal Brutal Desde lansing, Michigan, Usa.
Totalmente Recomendable Para Amantes De Lo Putrido...

Cripple Bastard - Varios


Cripple Bastard & Patareni - Split - 1993
Cripple Bastard & Psychotic Noise - Split - 1993
Cripple Bastard & Carcass Grinder - Split - 1994
Cripple Bastard - Punk`s Not Music - 1995
Cripple Bastard - Rammenti Di Vita - 1995
Cripple Bastard - Your Lies In Check - 1996
Cripple Bastard & Praparation-H - Split - 1996
Cripple Bastard & I.R.S - Split - 1997
Cripple Bastard - Misantropo A Senso Unico - 2000
Cripple Bastard - Almost Human - 2001
Cripple Bastard - Discography - 1988 - 1996 - 2001
Cripple Bastard - Desperalety Insensitive - 2003

Banda Icono Del Grindcore Italiano..............Sin Duda Uno De Sus Mejores Exponentes

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Gronibard - We Are French Fukk You - 2008

Sexy Psycho Grind

Tu Ressembles A L'amour
Nuggets No Glory
Spectroum 1
We Are French Fukk You
Blah Blah Blah
Sous La Douche Avec Miguel
Attention Les Velos !
Cours Forrest Of Equilibrium
Anticrust Superstar
La Chanson Des Bisous
Crusty Boy
Cannibal Holocaust (Necrophagia Cover)
Spectroum 2
Petite Pute A Franges
Creve Ultra Vomit, Creve !


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domingo, 5 de octubre de 2008

Audio Kollaps - Panzer - 2008

Grind/Death Meta

3.Was Ist Die Wahrheit?
7.Der Letzte Schrei
8.Schwarz / Weiss
9.Deutsche Im Dübelwahn
14.Zeit Zu Gehen


Carcass Grinder - Split's


Cripple Bastard & Carcass Grinder - Split - 1996
Carcass Grinder & Violent Headache - Split 1997
Carcass Grinder & Denak - Split 1998
Fuck On The Beach & Carcass Grinder - Split 2000
Carcass Grinder & Hashdum - Split - 2001
Carcass Grinder & Demisor - Split - 2001
Carcass Grinder - Demo I
Carcass Grinder - Demo II

Aki Les Dejo Unos Pokos Split De Esta Banda De Culto Para Algunos Proximamente Y A La Brevedad Posible Se Subiran Mas Split de Esta Grandiosa Banda Japonesa

Slaughter Brute - Excellent Meat - 2008

Brutal Death Metal

1. Humans Intestine Collapse 2:38
2. Death Certificate (Virgins Meat) 1:35
3. Infinite Cannibalism 2:43
4. Butcher Profession 1:20
5. Butchered 3:12
6. Carnivirous Slaughter-House 2:19
7. Brutal Death On The Road 2:12
8. Flies Above The Dead 2:12
9. Dictatorial Might 2:39
10. Cremated Alive 3:49


Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence - 2008


1. Bring The War
2. Savannah's Assault
3. Continue Insane
4. MBP
5. Sane
6. I Reject
7. Ultimate Suffering
8. Death To Pigs
9. Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
10. Rise Up
11. Abuse The Truth
12. Wasted Time
13. Instruments Of Deception
14. Soulless Eyes
15. Anarchist Farce
16. Dead End
17. Protest//Solution
18. Nihilistic Grindcore
19. Eyes Of A Citizen
20. Bleed To The End
21. Depression Is A Killer
22. Blackened Day


The Summer Slaughter Tour - 2008 (DvdRip)

1. As Blood Runs Black - Beneath The Surface
2. As Blood Runs Black - My Fears Have Become Phobias
3. The Faceless - Ghost Of A Stranger
4. The Faceless - An Autopsy
5. Beneath The Massacre - Nevermore
6. Beneath The Massacre - The System's Failure
7. Ion Dissonance - Cleansed By Silence
8. Ion Dissonance - The Surge
9. Cattle Decapitation - Unintelligent Design
10. Cattle Decapitation - KBK
11. Cephalic Carnage - Counting The Days
12. Cephalic Carnage - Observer The Obliteration Of Planet Earth
13. Decapitated - A Poem About An Old Man
14. Necrophagist - The Stillborn One
15. Necrophagist - Ignominous And Pale
16. Necrophagist - Marco Minnemann Drum Solo


8 Partes De Este Chakal Tour Bajedlos Jilipollas Y Disfrutadlo...

CorpseFucking Art - ZombieFuck - 2008

1. ZombieFuck
2. Left Hand Petting
3. Beverly Hills Corpse
4. High Skull Musical
5. Fucked with the Head in the Ove
6. No Woman No Grind (Bomb Marley)
7. Puré Holocaust
8. Decoupage with Body Parts
9. The Revenge of the Soap
10. Splatter Deluxe


Ya Que El Marikon Del Chevi Me Gano El Quien Vive Kon
El De Beneth The Massacre Bajen Este Album De Estos Italianos .

Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia - 2008

Technical Death Metal / Brutal Death

1. Condemned
2. Reign of Terror
3. Our Common Grave
4. Harvest of Hate
5. The Wasteland
6. Bitter
7. No Future
8. Lithium Overdose
9. Tharsis
10. Never More
11. Procreating the Infection


Aaaaaahhhhgggg La Zorra,Tecnico,Brutal Se Podria Definir Su Segundo Larga Duracion Nada Mas Bajenlo Y Kedaran Con El Osico Abierto Como Siempre TALAGANTE FROM HELL

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