martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Cenotaph - Putrescent Infectious Rabidity - 2010

Brutal Death

1.Schizoid Acts of Mental Defloration03:22
2.Menstrual Dismemberment02:54
3.Consumed By Embryophagy02:46
4.Pustulation With Swarming Insectoids03:22
5.Embalming Maggotized Aborticide (Obscure Perspectives of Forensic Entomology)03:12
6.Gorenographic Pervert Victimology04:15
7.Putrescent Infectious Rabidity02:59
8.Paroxysmal Mutation01:25
9.Embryobscure Hypnosis / Womb of Decay


Por Fin Disco completo De Estos Brutales Del Ritmo...Aaaaahhhhgggg

VA - Unleashing The Seed Of Parricide - Split - 2010

Brutal Death Metal
Indonesia - Thailand - Germany - Slovakia

1. Rotting the Fetuses
2. Suicide (Brutal Corpse cover)
3. Worm in Throat
Splattered Orgasm
4. Orgasmic Execution
5. Afterlife Sexual Intercourse
6. Lubricate with Your Fresh Blood
Defeated Sanity
7. Salacious Affinity
8. Engulfed in Excruciation
9. Lurid Assimilation
10. Autolysis VS Putrefaction
11. Blood Coagulation
12. Gas Diffusion


Gran 4 Ways.....Con Bandas De Lujo