martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Ass To Mounth - Kiss Ass - 2008


1.ATM Machine

2.Drunk, dead & drunk again

3.Woodstock 69


5.Bodybag full of crack

6.No more Mr. Nice Pig

7.97% Spirit genocide

8.Mr. Pig's birthday party

9.Triumphal march of Mr. Pig

10.Lord of the shits

11.The story of Mr.P

12.Evil Banana

13.Lion King

14.Flintsone Fred

15.Where is cocaine?

16.My mustache is thunder

17.Touch my balls

18.All my friends are emo

19.My first date

20.Assfuck & the epilogue

21.We are the road crew (Motorhead cover)


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