viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Angkor Vat - Southern Blood - 1989 - URUGUAY

01. Endless Nightmare
02. Total Destruction
03. New Blood
04. Pray (For Your Place In Hell)
05. I Want To Know


Bueno Fido Dido no Tiene Comentarios, Kong Dice Solo Pa Rockeros, Chevy Me Muero
Otro Aporte De Los Mas ROCKEROS.......
Tan Bovy.. De Vio Pollos Culiaos Jajajaja.......

Deeds Of Flesh - Discografia

Gradually Melted - 1994 - MCD

Three Minute Crawlspace
Gradually Melted
Human Sandbags
Feelings of Metal Through Flesh


Trading Pieces - 1996 - LP

Carnivorous Ways
Born Then Torn Apart
Trading Pieces
Hunting Humans
Impious Offerings
Acid Troops
Deeds Of Flesh
Erected On Stakes
Chunks In The Shower


Inbreeding the Anthropophagi -1997 - LP

End of All
Feeding Time
Inbreeding the Anthropophagi
Infecting them with Falsehood
Canvas of Flesh
Ritual of Battle
Fly Shrine
Gradually Melted


Path of the Weakening - 2001 - LP

Indiginous to the Appalling (Mutinous human)
Path of the Weakening
Summarily Killed
Sounds of Loud Reigns
Execute the Anthropophagi
I Die on my Own Terms
Sense of the Diabolic
A Violent God


Mark of the Legion - 2001 - LP

Cleansed by Fire
An Eternity of Feasting and Brawling
Mark of the Legion
Spewing Profligacy
Fulfilled in Warfare
Contest of Wills
Master of Murder
Ideal Genocide
Drink the Blood


Reduced to Ashes - 2003 - LP

Reduced to Ashes
Infested Beneath the Earth
Avowed Depraved
Human Trophies
Disinterred Archaic Heap
The Endurance


Crown of Souls - 2005 - LP

Crown of Souls
Medical Murder
Hammer-Forged Blade
Forced Attrition
This Macabre Fetish
The Resurrected
Incontestably Evil
Crimson Offering
Caught Devouring


jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Boratorii - Lepadatu', Profetia si Ciudosul - 2005

01 - Ecoul Pasilor Marelui Izvoru'(Cum On Sun Glasses)
02 - Marele Izvoru' Da Piept Cu Raul(Becumming A Warlord)
03 - Prima Victorie A Marelui Izvoru'(First Cum, First Serve)
04 - Vis De Veacuri(Tits Mattress)
05 - Lepadatu', Profetia Si Ciudosul(The Villain, The Prophecy And The Queer
06 - Taranii Evita Raul Prin Mijloace Specifice(Tales From The Plains)
07 - Raul Se Ascunde Sub Pamant(Screaming From The Bottom)
08 - Amorul Sacru(Sacred Porn)
09 - Amorul Profan(Desecration Of Porn)
10 - Iubire Fata De Aproape(Thou Shall Not Hate)
11 - Confuzie Refutabila(Donde Esta La Cagadera)
12 - Moartea Elefantului Rasta(Death Crash Dumbo)
13 - Raul Este Invins Definitiv(Clown Rape)
14 - Dovezi Graitoare Ale Faptelor Marelui Izvoru'(Face The Greatness Of Cumming Alive)
15 - Posteritatea Il Refuza Pe Marele Izvoru'(Eternal Bliss Of Facials)
16 - Povestea Boraturii Perfecte(Perfect Puke Story)


Martriden - The Unsettling Dark - 2008


2.The Enigma of Fate

3.The Calling

4.Ascension Pt. 1

5.Ascension Pt. 2

6.Processional for the Hellfire Chariot

7.The Unsettling Dark


9.A Season in Hell

10.Immaculate Perception


Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies In Red - 1992

1. Disgorged Bowelmovement 04:43
2. Extra Uterine Pregnancy Part II 02:22
3. Dinner Is Served 03:00
4. Trash, Chunk and Garbage 03:19
5. Masked Killer 05:09
6. Flesh... Is What I Need 02:21
7. Satisfaction In The Morgue 02:34
8. Into The Dungeon 03:37
9. Desecrating The Grave 04:39
10. Drowned In Blood 03:32


Un Clasico De Esta Excelente Banda De AUSTRIA
Puro Old School Death Metal

Human Filleted - Hideous Sculptures Of The Dead - 2008

Brutal Death

01 - Entrail Extraction Procedure
02 - Hideous Sculptures Of The Dead
03 - Remembering How She Bled
04 - Kept Alive For Torture
05 - Perverse Transmogrification
06 - Forcefucked
07 - Spontaneous Internal Combustion
08 - Nightmare Scenario
09 - Dissected In Thy House Of God


miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

Avulsion - Green Scare

USA (Buffalo)

1.Intro/Operation yellow fruit00:58
2.Tales from Somalia01:15
3.Black line crimes03:08
4.The green scare00:46
5.Torn to pieces01:14
6.The tag01:33
7.Subliminal seduction00:55
8.Tell your children00:25


Avulsion - The Crimson Foliage Hit

USA (Buffalo)

1.Self hypnosis01:28
2.Beyond the realm of Donnie Moore's understanding01:08
3.Distorted mirrors00:24
4.Pineal gland breathing00:17
6.Virtues disappear02:50
7.Jim's power play00:23
8.The crimson foliage hit00:10
9.Fear is the leading cause of death01:41
10.The fickle finger of fate (part I)00:11
11.The fickle finger of fate (part II)00:19
12.Black line crimes03:17
13.The unexpected thrills of the overhunt01:23
14.Pink masters to the systematic01:41
15.Green scare00:46
16.Boilermaker straight & boxed00:20
17.Stakes on the table02:57
20.Tattler's tale00:21
21.Living life through the five senses03:19
22.Plaid faction00:31


Avulsion - Crimes Against Reality

USA (Buffalo)

1.Hide And Seek For Keeps

2.Crimes Against Reality

3.On My Poz

4.The Thorn In Houdini's Straitjacket

5.See Through Walls

6.From Passchendaele To Lover's Lane


8.To Forcefully Pierce The Heavens

9.Fruit Of His Ax

10.Dead Jedis

11.Intro/Operation Yellow Fruit

12.Tales From Somolia

13.Black Line Crimes

14.The Green Scare

15.Torn To Pieces

16.The Tag

17.Subliminal Seduction

18.Tell Your Children