sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Grog - Gastric Hymns Mummified In Purulency - 2010


1.Anal Core - Intro

2.Stream Of Psychopathic Devourment

3.Sado Masoquist Butchery

4.Cannibal Feast

5.Monstrous Anatomic Deformation

6.Spontaneous Gore

7.Rotten Grave

8.Cannibalistic Devourment + Blood In My Face

9.Drowned In The Pleasure Of Tortured Flesh

10.Death Comes Ripping (Misfits cover 2006)

11.Introtyl (Agathocles cover 1996)

12.Murder (Extreme Noise Terror cover 1996)

13.Grotesque Invocation

14.Cannibal Feast

15.Rotten Grave

16.Excreted And Vomited Abortions

17.Dead Art Collector

18.Cult Of Blood


20.Stream Of Psychopathic Devourment

21.Re-reborn Monstrosity

22.Splashterized Autopsy – Excreted And Vomited Abortions

23.Monstrous Anatomic Deformation

24.Sado Masoquist Butchery


26.Cannibalistic Devourment + Blood In My Face

27.Grog - Outro (Live at Linda A Velha 29.03.2003)


El Regreso de Unas De Las Bandas Mas Brutales De Portugal...escuchar Un Deber.....

Neuropathia & Putrescense - Split - 2010

Poland - Canada

1. Emotional Dissection
2. Never Decay
3. Manifestation Of Verrucose Urethra Carcass Cover
4. Go Insane
5. Abandon It All
6. Time To Act Nasum Cover
7. Destination Darkness
8. Przesrac
9. Scum Napalm Death Cover
10. Shh'd Before Anal Decapitation
11. Squeeze And Squint Until Your Eyes Water
12. The Ol' Neglected White Picket Fence Detrunked
13. Asshole And Kidney
14. Dead Shall Rise Terrorizer Cover