viernes, 14 de marzo de 2008

Diabolic - Chaos In Hell / Possessed By Death - 2008

01. Engulf The Enchantress
02. Jaws Of Death
03. Chaos In Hell
04. The Suffering Church
05. Dissonance
06. Devour The Subconscious
07. Possessed By Death
08. Evulsions Of The Soul
09. Chronology



jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Extreme Noise Terror

Banda: Extreme Noise Terror
Gênero: GrindCore
País: UK

Download: The Peel Sessions 1990
Download: The Peel Sessions 87-90
Download: Retro Bution
Download: Punker Than Punk
Download: Phonophobia
Download: Live At The Fulham
Download: In It For Life
Download: Hatred And The Filth
Download: Damage 381
Download: Being and Nothing
Download: Are You That Desperate
Download: A Holocaust In Your Head

Bajen La Gua Pollos Culiaos
O Tengan Cuidado El TRAUKO Anda Suelto Jajajajaj

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

Darkthrone - Full Discography

All Demos

Soulside Journey

A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Under A Funeral Moon

Transilvanian Hunger



Total Death

Ravishing Grimness


Hate Them

Sardonic Wrath

Under Beskyt'telse av Morke

Too Old, Too Cold

The Cult Is Alive

Forebyggende Krig



Aki Esta La Discografia En Orden De Esta Banda Solo LP'S
Antes Death Metal Ahora Black Metal Y Activa Hasta Estos Dias
Bajen Estos Excelentes Discos, O Bien Comprarlos Ya Ke Son Una Obra Maestra
Sin Duda Otro Acierto De TALAGANTE FROM HELL

Festering Saliva - Realm Of The Forgotten - 2007

1.Left In Ashes (Intro)
2.Military Song
3.Realm Of The Forgotten
4.Your Revenge
5.Awaiting The Suffering
6.On Your Knees
7.A Napalm Way To Live
8.Drowning In A Pond Of Fear
9.Reasonless Hate


Festering Saliva - The Isle Of Nightmares - 2001

Brutal Death

1.Approaching the Island (Intro)
2.The Social Acknowledgement of Violence
3.Voices of Insanity
4.The Isle of Nightmares
5.Ploughing Through the Innards of My Enemies
6.Postmortal Penetration
7.Arbitrary Bloodshed
8.The Calm Before...
9.Mutilation of God
10.Festering Saliva
11.Frozen Waters