domingo, 8 de junio de 2008

Those Who Bring The Torture - Those Who Bring The Torture - 2007


1.An Affair Of Entrails
2.Murderd Thrice
3.Filth Bag
4.Drudgery at the graveyard
5.Chains and saws and chainsaws
6.Death came as a friend to them
7.Professionally curing the disease
8.Defiling the carcass
9.Skelletal cage
10.Prone to penetrate pus
11.Distaste for ordinary scum
12.Never too cold for carnage
13.Drilled with a jackhammer
14.Banquet of the grotesque
15.Shriek (like the pig you are)
16.Sickened skin infestation
17.Inducing abomination reciding in dirt


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