sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

Smallpox Aroma & Satsugai - Ulcerous Eroticarcinomatosyphilis Peritonindometritis - 2006 - Split

Grindcore | Grindcore
Nueva Zelanda/thailandia/Francia

Smallpox Aroma
01. Infectious Introligomeganephronic Renal Hypoplasia
02. Suppurative Scrotum Steak Served With Phlegm Sauce And Cream Of Leucorrhoea
03. Amputate, Infest, Bathe In Perchloric Acid And Slowly Excoriate
04. Stench Of Melting Rectums In The Land Of Faecesliquid Devourers
05. Purulentsplattered Enterorrhexis Requiring Intestinal Dismemberment
06. Bloated Corpse's Smegmamingled Excrescence Riddled Hernia
07. Gangreneimprosive Infected Infant Necrolaparotomy
08. A Plenty Of Mushy Rotten Millipede Found During The Proctological Examination
09. Fecalfilling An Abdominal Cavity By Choleraic Extrauterine Fetus
10. Viscerate The Moribund Human And Sell The Gut To The Entrails Fetishist
11. The Granulations Of Postmastoidectoutromy Cavity
12. Son Of A Bitch
13. Lucha Libre
14. Fecal Fetish Casket
15. Speculum For Potage


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