jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Corpse Molesting Pervert & Plasma - 2005 - Split

Grindcore | Gorey Death Metal/Grind

Corpse Molesting Pervert
01. Cannibalistic Fantasies Combined With Sadomasochistic Practices
02. Stab-slash Wound Massacre
03. Orgasm Through Dysmenhorroea
04. Snuff - The Only Way To Fulfil My Perverted Dreams
05. Sexual Stimulating Electroshocks
06. Skull Splitted And Brains Sripped Out
07. Goulashed Corpse
08. Destroying Her Beautiful Face Only With My Bare Hand

09. Intense Orgy Of Extreme Pitcherdownload
10. Starving In the Crypts Of The Spermpalace
11. Judder The Cat


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