viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Gore Sanctum - Realms of Devastation - 2010

Brutal Death Metal

Stuart Hine - Vocal Y Todos Los Instrumentos

1.Descending Into The Abysmal Void02:31
2.Spawn Of Endless Suffering02:32
3.Copious Fluid Emission02:35
4.Fortifications Of Decayed Remains02:33
5.Realms Of Devastation03:37
6.Convulsions Beneath A Sea Of Innards02:36
7.Untimely Asphyxiation02:54
8.Crypts Of Obscure Pestilence03:04
9.Immaculate Decapitation03:33
10.Unrelenting Defiance03:09
11.Spleen Ingurgitation03:49
12.Perished Dimentions03:19
13.Enthroned Entombment03:23
14.Goring Endless Abominations01:54
15.Forgotten Incantations Of Eternal Blistered Flesh03:31
16.Severed Torsos (Bonus Track)


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