miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

V/A - A Tribute To Anti Cimex


01 Driller Killer (Swe) When The Innocent Die
02 Wolfbrigade (Swe) Wave Of Fear
03 Doom (UK) Warmachine
04 Inepsy (Can) Straight To Hell
05 Ratos De Porao (Bra) Raped Ass
06 Nailbiter (UK) Daughters Of Pride
07 Disclose (Jap) Desperate Hours
08 Avskum (Swe) Victims Of A Bombraid
09 Sinergia (Spa) When The Innocent Die
10 Los Rezios (Per) Time To?
11 Warcollapse (Swe) Criminal Trap
12 Scum Noise (Bra) Set Me Free
13 Diskonto (Swe) Anti Cimex
14 Autonomía (Per) Game Of The Arseholes
15 Boxed In (UK) When The Innocet Die
16 O Anjo Exterminador (Bra) Sister Daylight
17 Krigets Brutala Vansine (Swe) En Dod Soldat
18 Crossing Chaos (Swe) Cries Of Pain
19 Detestation (USA) Warmachine (Live)
20 Drastika (Swe) Smell Of Silence
21 Viimeinen Kolonna (Fin) When The Innocent Die


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