jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Stickoxydal - Obstetrical Collection

Brutal Death Metal/Grind-Belarus

1.Introduction to the obstetrics

2.Craniotomy. Step 1: Transforation

3.Umbilical cord entanglement

4.Meconial asphyxia

5.Being born in convulsions think about eternal...

6.Hunt the cunt 1


8.Craniotomy. Step 2: Excerebration

9.Fear of the vaginal birth

10.Dr. Bile and his brief-case with tools

11.Sonata cis-moll for obstetrician making application of forceps Naegele

12.Bleeding Hole

13.Hunt the cunt 2

14.Ubi pus - ibi incisio, ubi pus - ibi evacua

15.Cutthroat game

16.My favorite embryotomy scissors

17.Craniotomy. Step 3: Cranioclasia


19.Hunt the cunt 3

20.Obstetrical Collection

21.Uterine flooding

22.Rectovaginal fistula or perineal rupture 3rd degree

23.Principles of operative obstetrics


25.Hunt the cunt 4

26.Delicate infant�s lungs

27.Pathologist's report

28.Like a CBT


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