lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

WTN - Black Hearse - 2006 - Compilation


1.Monopoly Of Monstrosity01:41
2.Savagery Beyond Insanity01:16
3.The Retch Of Pain02:47
4.Rotten To Extinction02:27
5.Grotesque Dismemberment Of Your Sterile Tomb03:17
6.Vile Stench Of Cankered Decay00:45
7.Mortui Vivos Decent01:47
8.Coroners Macabre Fleshfeast02:21
9.Toe Tags and Body Bags01:39
10.Excaveaters In The Grave02:57
11.Laughter From The Morgue03:16
12.Rotting In Pestilence05:50
13.Posthumous Revulsions02:19
14.House Of Necrophilia03:51
15.Eye For Pathology02:45
16.Laughter From Morgue (RIP)02:31
17.Into The Light With Blood04:56
18.Mucopurulence Excretor (Carcass Cover)01:12
19.Anorectal Ulceration Bleeding Peptic Ulcer (Regurgitate Cover)02:09
20.Repulsion Medley/Black Breath (Repulsion Cover)05:17
21.Torment In Its Purest Form01:24
22.Godless Regime02:43


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