miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Wormrot - Dirge - 2011


1.No One Gives a Shit00:43
2.Compulsive Disposition01:03
3.All Go No Emo00:25
4.Public Display of Infection01:01
5.Overpowered Violence00:40
6.Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass00:32
7.Spot a Pathetic00:38
8.Evolved Into Nothing00:43
9.Butt Krieg is Showing00:50
10.Fucking Fierce So What00:05
11.Ferocious Bombardment00:35
12.Principle Of The Puppet Warfare01:03
13.Deceased Occupation01:26
14.Waste of Time00:42
15.Stench of Ignorance00:29
16.Meteor to the Face00:39
17.Addicts of Misery00:37
18.You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem00:04
19.Erased Existence00:45
20.Back Stabber Mission Aborted00:42
21.Destruct the Bastards00:11
22.Plunged Into Illusions00:34
24.A Dead Issue01:07
25.The Final Insult01:49


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