martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Cenotaph - Putrescent Infectious Rabidity - 2010

Brutal Death

1.Schizoid Acts of Mental Defloration03:22
2.Menstrual Dismemberment02:54
3.Consumed By Embryophagy02:46
4.Pustulation With Swarming Insectoids03:22
5.Embalming Maggotized Aborticide (Obscure Perspectives of Forensic Entomology)03:12
6.Gorenographic Pervert Victimology04:15
7.Putrescent Infectious Rabidity02:59
8.Paroxysmal Mutation01:25
9.Embryobscure Hypnosis / Womb of Decay


Por Fin Disco completo De Estos Brutales Del Ritmo...Aaaaahhhhgggg

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