martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Slaughtered Remains - Three For One Slaughter For Fun - 2010

Brutal Death Metal

1. Die Already 2. Blood Drenched Cum Bag
3. A Feast For Dead Eyes
4. Ripped Apart To Nothing
5. Sins of the Father
6. Hackum and Sackum
7. Sick E Von Brutal
8. Putrid Corpse Fuck
9. The Attack of Sick E Von Brutal
10. Back from the Grave
11. Shred the Dead
12. Warning May Cause Death
13. Greetings and Welcome To the Show
14. Murder Happy Party People
15. My Yummy Valentine
16. Oh No Fred Is Dead
17. Pitter Patter People Splatter
18. Happy Slaughter Sing Along
19. Brain Stain
20. Saw Happy
21. Dead Hog Bitch
22. In the Heat of the Slaughter
23. Finger Lickin Good
24. Fucking Blood On My New Shoes
25. Shredded With A Razor Edge Dime

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