sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Inopexia - Gastric Explosions Tore A Gullet - 2009 - Ep


01. Stopping Beating In An Uterus
02. Harm Of Sodomy
03. Festering Eruption Is In A Rectum
04. Crushing Of Hip Bone
05. Deathbed Privation Of Anal Virginity
06. Counterflush Of Blood
07. Oesophageal Worms Drinking Gastric Juice
08. Careless Dissection Of Cranium
09. Sexual Aggression Is Descendant Hunger
10. Stench Of Dead Body Of Three-Day Remoteness
11. Difficulty In Breathing By Intestinal Interlacements
12. Public Corporal Punishment Of Genital
13. The Nibbled Extremities Grow Mouldy
14. Gastric Explosions Tore A Gullet
15. Torture Of The Last From Family People
16. Unsuccessful Attempt Of Sex With A Shit
17. A Vivo Hemopexis Is In Vessels
18. Mutilation On A Barely Breathful Body
19. Choking In A Bile
20. Disgusting Moving Phlegm


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