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Puta No Me Gusta Pana Esta Banda 100000% Recomendables....

Agathocles & Monolith - Democracide / Live In Slovakia-Roy Batty Version-Split Ep - 2000

Grindcore/Grindcore Death Metal

A1 Agathocles Democracide
A2 Agathocles Serve My Protest
B1 Monolith Swank It And Poke
B2 Monolith Care Expeller
B3 Monolith Anything Goes


Agathocles & Malignant Tumour - Belgium's Little Cesspool / ... And Man Made The End - Split Ep - 2000

Belgica/Republica Checa

A1 Agathocles Belgium's Little Cesspool
A2 Agathocles Common Health
B1 Malignant Tumour Enslavery Begins At Birth
B2 Malignant Tumour Shops Of Cruelty
B3 Malignant Tumour Mc Donaldization
B4 Malignant Tumour Salesman
B5 Malignant Tumour Man Made The End


Agathocles & Fat Ass Fuckers - Split Ep - 2004


1. Violence and Pure Hate (I am)
2. Cash and Traps
Fat Ass Fuckers:
3. Fat Ass Drunk n Roll
4. Hunt You Down
5. Shut the Fuck Up
6. Ballade de la Tourette


Agathocles & Bullshit Propaganda - Split Tape - 1998


01. agathocles - live in prague, czech republic 31196
02. agathocles - intro. fragments of a time to come
03. agathocles - bastard breed. we don't need
04. agathocles - jack's life
05. agathocles - we pay
06. agathocles - politicians new year's wishes
07. bullshit propaganda - live in edegem, belgium 190497


Grot & Agathocles - Split Tape - 1999


01 Grot - Hells Bells + Rot
02 Grot - Mutilate My Enemy
03 Grot - Dragged Down
04 Grot - Everyone In Hull
05 Grot - Hellbent For Leat
06 Grot - Bleed When I Shit
07 Grot - I Am Ill!
08 Grot - The Condition Rem
09 Grot - Wrath (Sarcophagu
10 Grot - Piles The Beaverd
11 Grot - Mauled + Mangled!
12 Grot - Hate Descends
13 Grot - Mouthful Of Grub
14 Grot - And So To Death
15 Grot - Arrival Of The Ma
16 Grot - Pretty - Cut Up
17 Grot - Between The Cheek
18 Grot - Household Whores
19 Grot - Full Moon Fever
20 Grot - Grub Infested Fuc
21 Grot - Rushforth + Multi
22 Grot - Cement Filled Fan
23 Grot - The Kill (Napalm
24 Grot - Abnormal Flesh Pu
25 Grot - Cunt Careless
26 Grot - Cum Again
27 Grot - Exploding Twat
28 Grot - Members Only
29 Grot - Sawn Off Cock Gun
30 Grot - Anal Holocaust
31 Grot - A Dog's For Life
32 Grot - Your Sweet Melodi
33 Grot - Jean Jizm's A Fre
34 Grot - Disgorging Foetus
35 Grot - Faggot Outro!
36 Grot - Fuck Off Now!!!
37 Agathocles - Big One
38 Agathocles - The Fog
39 Agathocles - Teachers
40 Agathocles - The Acciden
41 Agathocles - Mutilated R
42 Agathocles - Consuming E
43 Agathocles - Splattered
44 Agathocles - Christianit
45 Agathocles - Squeeze Ant
46 Agathocles - Introtyl
47 Agathocles - Threshold T
48 Agathocles - Stained
49 Agathocles - Will To Kil
50 Agathocles - Democracide
51 Agathocles - Domesticati


Agathocles & Veneral Disease - Split CD-R - 2003

Death Metal Grindcore/Grindcore

Venereal Disease:
1. Violating A Dead Child Cadaver Run Over By A Bus
2. Aortical Aneurysm (Degenerative Process Of Syphlis)
3. Grind Vaginal-Fection
4. Mince Core
5. Ain't It?
6. Ice Brick


Agathocles & Sauerkraut - Split CD-R - 2004


1.Didn't ask
2.Careless wish
4.Hunt foxhunters
5.Directed by the US
6.Proud to be out
8.Without a clue
9.You bet
10.Slaves to the beat
11.Chop off their genitals
12.Christianty means tyranny
13.A for arrogance
14.Lay off me
15.Raw war
16.Superiority overdose
17.No use (hatred)
18.Bait of the state
20.The fog (Agathocles)
21.Guy lombardo (Anal Cunt)
22.The Kill (Napalm Death)
23.Pastete (Patareni)
24.Ich gehe zur schule (Patareni)
25.The accident (Agathocles)
26.You suffer (Napalm Death)
27.Purzena nadenitza (Discord)
28.Humilation (Anal Macabre)
29.Humilation 7:1 (Anal Macabre)
30.Untalented boys (Anal Macabre)
31.Our treat
32.Sheer reality
33.Sheer brutality
34.Vox humana
35.Das man
37.SSE pt.1 (Sore Throat)
38.SSE pt.2 (Sore Throat)
39.SSe pt.3 (Sore Throat)
40.A cover of Sore Throat from their "Disrace to ..." LP'88
41.Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
42.Mutilated regurgitator (Agathocles)
43.Dead (Napalm Death)
44.Die in pain (Carcass)
45.Lay off me (Agathocles)
46.Aide na noise
49.Mnoo piyani sme
50.Humilation 7:1 (Anal Macabre)
51.Smradovi u prolazu (Patareni)
52.Grind with Pavel
53.Catch as - catch can (Rot)
55.Ich gehe zur schule (Patareni)
56.My se ucime cestinu
57.No mas musica
58.Absolution (Fear Of God)
59.Anal Oral cover
60.Permanent Death covers
61.Pneumatic Slaughter (Fear Of God) x2
62.Bitch (Agathocles'85)
63.Blood out my mouth (Agathocles'85)
64.Pavel forgot his jacket
65.Beaurocracy versus Efficiency (Agathocles)
66.Purified by death (Agathocles)
67.Introtyl (Agathocles)
68.Reality (Entrails Massacre)
69.Slavi trifonov is born by his aunt
70.Kos na odpadky
72.Rok ma dvanact mesicu
73.Doko doko
75.Horrendously horrendous
76.Protest pt.2
77.Noise against negativity
78.Against the stream
80.Authority (Cripple Bastards)
81.0:01 (Cripple Bastards)
82.Asti punks (Cripple Bastards)
83.Blue penguins (Cripple Bastards)
84.Stimmung (Cripple Bastards)
85.Fascist pigs get lost (De Madeliefjes)
86.Crushing R&B faggots in helmond (De Madeliefjes)
87.Conform (Siege)
88.Spas is gay
89.Spas sucks
90.Spas is about to set his dick on fire, coz' of too much masturbation
91.Staffa has a nice hat
92.It is a modern one
93.There's a "staffa" logo on it
94.Secretary's dream
95.7MON covers
96.The kill (Naplam Death)
97.The kill (Napalm Death)
98.The ballad
99.The end


Agathocles & Pollution Of Sound - 2008


A1 Agathocles The Hit (0:41)
A2 Agathocles Prince Of Thieves (0:50)
A3 Agathocles Worthless (0:39)
A4 Agathocles Permanent Struggle (1:10)
A5 Agathocles VMO (0:33)
B1 P.O.S. Spill (0:51)
B2 P.O.S. Think (1:29)
B3 P.O.S. Black Hole (0:15)
B4 P.O.S. Ill Treatment (0:42)
B5 P.O.S. No Human (0:49)
B6 P.O.S. Getting Rich (0:55)


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