domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

My Mind's Mine - 48 Reasons To Leave This Planet - 2002


.Drop Fascists, Not Bombs

2.Soul Cries

3.Fry Them

4.Does It Pay To Be Honest?

5.Message To The Majors

6.Insane World

7.Mass Murder Memories

8.Monster Race

9.Raid Of Protest

10.All The Filth Is The Prey


12.Young & Distinguished

13.Part Of Nothing

14.Repeat At Length

15.Fake Trade

16.Shameless Innocence

17.Cascading Violence Crushes

18.Expose The Suspicious

19.Short Cut Life

20.Crippled Dog

21.Fear Us

22.Thank God For Plastic Surgery

23.Idiocy Of Grotesque

24.Solutions Of The People

25.Cut Me Off

26.Hate Murders

27.Legal Greed


29.Why Don't You Just Fuck Off?


31.My Minds Mine

32.Cyber Christ

33.Switchblade Attitude

34.I Own The World (Pt 2)

35.Liberal Crap

36.Old Glory Is Fascism

37.Torture Me Some More

38.On Full Scale

39.Network Of Friends

40.Face Up To It

41.Drop Fascists, Not Bombs


43.Young & Distinguished

44.Rot Away

45.Hate Murders

46.Switchblade Attitude

47.Trinity's Blast

48.Face Up To It


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