viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

Elite Drug Dealers - ASSFUCK, COCAINE & GOREGRIND - 2009 - Ep


01. Disco Dancing On Amphetamine
02. I'll Kill My Kids If They Want To Listen Shit Like Gothic-Doom
03. Speed Dose (Bussiness On Health Of Your Children)
04. Awakening Of Slamming Guttural Cowcore
05. At Morning I have Eaten 70 LSD Mushrooms
06. Anal Star (Your Band Are Playing Like A Herd Of Gorillas)
07. Majesty Of Mephitic Ructus Is So Beauty
08. Vulgar Sence Of Anatomy
09. Punish This Glamour Bitch
10. Down In Missy Pussy
11. Big Black Dildo Wanna Plays With Your Babe


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