miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

Dead Flesh - Returning From Decay - 2009

Brutal Death Metal

1.Treehouse of Horror
2.Genetically Altered
3.Sadistic Desecration
4.Coalesing the Beast
5.Drugged Beaten Stabbed and Bled to Death
6.Vaginal Sludge
7.Dismenbered for Purification
8.Returning from Decay
9.Spontaneous Decomposition
10.Morbid Disinterment
11.Engorging Necropsies
12.Dead Flesh Sucks
13.Rise Above
14.Spawn of Malediction
15.Anatomy of Self-Carnage
16.Wonder Showzen - the Simpsons - Happy Happy Joy Joy
17.Meow Mix

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