miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Poppy Seed Grinder - Talk Evolution/The Parasite - Spilt 2002

Poppy Seed Grinder
1.Talk Evolution04:58
2.Sadistic Corporation04:26
3.The Unmenagible Of Consequeces03:29
5.Born In The Grave04:40
6.The Apocalypse Of Humanity03:27
7.From Beyond (Massacre cover)04:19

Defeated Sanaty
8.The Parasite02:59
9.Forensic Entomology05:44
10.Horrid Decomposition04:58
11.Expectoration Of Fear04:30
12.Retreat Of The Conquered02:45
13.Transplanting The Incureable05:43
Total playing time56:38


Brutal Split Poppy Seed Grinder & Defeated Sanaty (Germany)

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