viernes, 18 de julio de 2008

Human Bloodfeast & Goratory & Liquid Pus - Split - 2003

Alemania/Usa/Republica Cheka
Death Metal | Brutal Death Metal | Brutal Death Metal

Human Bloodfeast - Damned to Rot
2.Iґm Alive
3.Me In You
4.The Beast Inside
5.Follow the Bloodline
6.Orgasm through Mutilation
7.Twisted Desires
8.Damned to Rot
9.In my Head
10.Addicted to Flesh
11.Flesh Eating Mother
Goratory - Sexual Intercorpse
12.Pus Filled Maggots
13.Retrograde Defecation
14.Mutilate And Modify
15.Into The Grinding Machine
16.Wrestling With Feces
17.Infant Skin Suitcase
18.Fisting The Elderly
Liquid Pus - Wacky Backy
19.Intro - Wacky Backy
21.Pro - Past
23.Primitive Mind

Download I
Download II

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