lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

Gemisuadi - The Inevitable Contingancy


1.Cuckoo Hush in The Forest, Cuckoo Hush00:35
2.The Living Room Fiasco01:10
3.The Implacable Forebearance of Closed Doors02:08
4.Abstaining of Determinant01:45
5.Angel of Death00:12
6.A Speechless Unbridled Light Show01:36
7.The Dereliction of Acrimony in a Hold-Up01:37
8.Let's Go Watch Some Nascar02:20
9.Nile ripped Us Off01:43
10.Discerning Relinquished Falacies01:46
11.Anal Cunt Ripped Us Off00:15
12.Whatcha Got So Far?01:16
13.The Constraint of The Bird01:29
14.The Mannequin And The Sheep07:59


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