jueves, 20 de marzo de 2008

Birdflesh - Live @Giants Of Grind - 2005

1.Gut To Kill01:13
2.Night Of The Ultimate Mosh01:30
3.The Cannibal And The Corpse01:52
4.Carnival Of Slime00:59
6.Master Of Violence01:40
7.Anal Misery01:16
8.Gore In Gore Out02:18
9.Misery Of The Defenceless02:02
10.No Fucking Heaven02:03
11.Teenage Mutilator01:43
12.Deathgore Of The Fleshmaster02:28
13.Walk Of Insanity01:48
15.Ken Is Dead00:31
16.Victim Of The Grind00:41
17.The Rolling Massgrave02:10
19.The Evil Pig01:28
20.Alive Autopsy01:46
21.Fried Eyes02:10
22.Destination Salzgitter01:49
23.Morbid Jesus

Gran banda Sueca una de mis favoritas ...
solo para rockeros !!!!!!!!!


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