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100 Way Splatter Fetish - Split Compilation - 2007

Varios Paises

1.Bowel Fetus - Nikola Tesla (Could Cause Mass Destruction By Making The Earth Vibrate)
2.Lymphatic Phlegm - An Undergo Post-Mortem Exam (Brought Into The Autopsy Suite)
3.Plasma - Abnormal Gigantic Atomic Mutilation
4.Blue Holocaust - Untitled
5.Sarcophaga Carnaria - Untitled
6.Tumour - Tumoritis
7.Rottend Stuk Vrouwenvlees - Sacrificial Blood Feast
8.Cativeiro - The Last Victim Of An Arrogant Truncator
9.Tu Carne - El Gran Cuchillo Oxidado
10.Gag On My Cock - Untitled
11.Bowel Stew - Untitled
12.Gored - Function
13.Namek - Vomit Warp
14.Ballgag - Mansteak Womanizer
15.Intestinal Disgorge - Unregistered Sex Offender
16.Snuff Fetish - A Woman's Best Compliment
17.Smallpox Aroma - Epidefecationelysis Builosanal Leakagenital Secretion
18.Anal Penetration - Beer Belly Fucker
19.Soldered Poon - Masturbating With A Hot Soldering Iron
20.Spermswamp - Merciless Anal Drill Rape
21.Brutal Nekkro Sex - 1000V dilde
22.S.M.E.S. - A House A Tree and A Pet
23.Cadaveric Sludge Dispenser Unit - We Should've Made Hot Pockets So We Wouldn't Wake Up The Crackhead
24.Euphoric Insanity - Malchemist
25.Anus Tumour - H
26.Nunwhore Commando 666 - Militant Crackwhore Convention
27.Absurdgod - Bitches Anal Balloon
28.Sanata Vopilif - The Pig
29.Snuffgrinder - Snuff Zone
30.Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents Of Sperm Island
31.Anal Whore - Consuming Rancid Menstrual Soup
32.Diaper Fetish - Gangrene
33.Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration - Skinless Fetus
34.Fasces Eruption - Untitled
35.Clawhammer Castration - Vaginal Appetizer
36.Necrocannibal - More Guts And More Gore
37.Magistral Featulences - Untitled
38.GUT - Pump Da Cum
39.Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - 20 Thousand Miles Under Manure
40.Die Pigeon Die - Smacked Hooker
41.Biological Monstrosity - Neurotoxic Teratogen Abuse During Pregnancy (Live)
42.Teen Pussy Fucker - Faggots Maggots
43.Hymen Holocaust - Hag Raped
44.Methadone Abortion Clinic - Phalius Falafel
45.Nothin'suss - Stalker
46.Anal Norsorog - Nuclear Winter In Nicaragua
47.Motherpig - Hell Pit
48.Total Fucking Destruction - Mother Nature Fucker
49.Disinvolve - Rabid Petting Zoo
50.Jig-Ai - Vogelgrippe-N
51.Avariral Anal - One Bullet One Shit
52.Deranged Shit - Because I Chose It
53.Eyetofuk - Fukeyslutz
54.Gangbang Gestapo - U Know Who U Are
55.Evil Anus - Frequency Of The Damned
56.Sperm Injection - Piss Slap Flap
57.Amniotic Fluid Fontain - Condylomata Lata Of Vulva
58.Twat Appetizer - Nymphomaniac Enslavement
59.Sperm Overdose - The Pig With The Piggy
60.Kots - Dead Attack
61.Fetish - Enjoy Your Pain
62.2 Minuta Dreka - Drug In Her Cock-Tail
63.Utukku - Shitting Dicknipples
64.Anthropophagic Gastralgia - Lucie's Song
65.Uterus - Picked Apart By Hungry Birds
66.M.D.K - Sick Freaks
67.Grotesque Organ Defilement - Human Skull Bong
68.Pizdets666 - Untitled
69.Pornoise - Marchese
70.I Shit On Your Face - Satanic Staphylococcus
71.Pigto - Gangbang With Huge Cock
72.Offal - I Shit (You Eat!)
73.Pulmonary Fibrosis - Disordered Feaces Junction
74.Cadaveric Impregnation - Cadaveric Impregnation
75.Necro Tampon - Harry's Coat
76.Carnal Diafragma - A Quicky In Doggerstyle
77.Infected Pussy - Gangbang Cadaver
78.Gory Vomit - We Will Destroy Human Life
79.Vomit Slit - Rancid Vaginal Flatulence
80.AK47 Hangover - Beer And Grind S-Mash Up
81.Diseased Maggotectomy - Fucked With A Nike
82.Pyknodysostosis - Escape Plan
83.LSD Mossel - 66 Mosselen In Een Draaimolen Bom
84.G.R.I.N.D. - Untitled
85.315 A.M. - Untitled
86.Proctalgia - Destroying Your Brain
87.Cumdivision Spermany - Untitled
88.9922 - AK47
89.Skat Injector - Rotting Ampallang
90.Subterranean Fecal Root - Hate Is A Wonderful Thing
91.A Beautiful Lotus - Maria Is So Horny
92.Iron Bitchface - The Sexecutioner
93.Ulcerous Diarrhea Execution - Adventures Of A Pedophiliac Pimp
94.Bacterial Vaginosis - Crushing The Shit In Her Anus
95.Oral Mutilation - Sperm Between The Tits
96.Hijiwaemi - No Sex, I'm Dead
97.Shredded Colon - Toilet Seat
98.C.A.R.N.E. - Monster Dicks
99.Fucksaw & Gronibard - Britney Rears & Sale Pute

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Insano,Brutal, Se Podria describir Este Compilado Con 99 Bandas De La Talla
Si Te Gusta La Carne Molida Voces De Cerdo Esto Es LO KE Esperabas.....


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